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My Childhood Toys & Snacks

on October 12, 2014

Below is a photo of my childhood toys and snacks. The plane is made of Styrofoam with a plastic propeller in front. When thrown it flies in a circular motion. Many times my planes end up very far up or away that I can’t reach and I end up getting a new one. It comes in a small packet and some assembly is required. It was real fun to play.

The other toy is called Chapteh. It is made up of colourful feathers that are attached to a rubber base. It is played by throwing it up then kicking it upwards with the inner side of the foot. The person who kicks it upwards the most times before it falls to the ground wins. I played these toys growing up in the 80s and 90s. Those were the good old days. Now most toys children play are gadgets or computers.



2 responses to “My Childhood Toys & Snacks

  1. Ankit Mishra says:

    You know what.. my toys didn’t used to last for weeks when I used to get it as present. They always used to get broken. It’s so nice you still have them after so many years and can rejoice those moments when you played with them. 🙂


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