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Reflections on the Birthday of Prophet Muhammad!

on January 3, 2015

Reflections on the Birthday of Prophet Muhammad!


Eid-e-Milad - Wallpaper-001

About now many Muslims are celebrating the birth of Prophet Muhammad! Last year, in commemoration of another Islamic event, we said this about the Prophet:

“Prophet Muhammad is possibly the most misunderstood Light messenger in history! Misunderstood by friends and believers and misunderstood by foes and unbelievers!
The believers harness themselves to the day-to-day observances of the Prophet rather than pay greater attention to his pure words received from Above! They misinterpret the use of force by the Prophet and thereby disregard the admonition of the Almighty which warns against avenging any wrongdoing on God’s behalf!
On the other hand, an overwhelming number of those who do not believe in the sacredness of the Prophet’s mission do so, on account of the conduct of the believers! They are, figuratively speaking, judging the product by its salesmen, without even trying it! They have not made sufficient effort to come close…

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