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The Perfect Shortcrust Pastry

on April 20, 2015

Thanks for the recipe. I’m interested in learning pastry making 😉

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I love pastry, you love pastry, everybody loves pastry.

Except even the best bakers often don’t make the stuff. I know this because I remember fellow chef school students sneaking in the pre-made stuff just to avoid all the effort of making pastry. Why? Because pastry is a luss to make. My hands are always warm and I guess I’m pretty touchy-feely with the stuff because my pastry ALWAYS need to rest in the fridge overnight. BUT what would happen if pastry wasn’t so tricky and time consuming to make? This recipe would happen. All day, errrryday.

It’s perfect because you can make it in a BLENDER, it take 5 minutes to make AND it still has all the crispy/buttery/heavenly goodness pastry is meant to have.

So, before you give up on your pastry making skills and pop into your nearest store to buy margarine laden “pastry”, give this one…

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